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The benefits of in-mould labelling

In-mould labelling (IML) is a process by which the printed label, a thin film produced in the same material as the cup (Polypropylene. PP).  is inserted into the mould immediately before the molten plastic is injected for the PP eCup production.


The label heats in the process and becomes part of the finished cup as one fully-fused product rather than a separate substrate that requires application to a finished product.


This also allows the cup to be washed and sanitised hundreds of times, without compromising the quality of the print. The one-step production and decoration method is more cost and time efficient than traditional labelling processes, and ensures the cup is fully recyclable at end-of-life without involving an additional process for removing the label.

IML digital watermarks as a dynamic brand communicator. 

Savvy marketers and designers are beginning to appreciate that product packaging can be used for smart, experiential marketing. Packaging is no longer just a vessel for the product, but instead has the potential to be an ‘on-the-spot’ communication vehicle engaging and connecting consumers with brands. 

At eCup, we’ve harnessed this powerful experiential marketing tool with the ability to integrate connected print technology into our production process.  eCup Reusable Cups can become interactive with the use of digital watermarks printed onto the IML label, offering an endless array of digital content at the consumer’s fingertips.


Our cross-media platform enables smartphone users to simply point their camera over the eCup Reusable Cup label and instantly engage with a brand via a one-step digital pathway.

 Drive the consumer to competition pages, interactive event content, product websites, e-commerce portals, or any other online media platform. The possibilities are endless. Contact our team for more information about eCup on-label integrated print and digital marketing solutions.

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Washing, Drying & Sanitising

eCup is Washable and Sanitised 100’s of times in our offsite local warehoused custom designed Australian Made Commercial pass-through

'The Butler' eCup Washing, Drying & Sanitising system or even with the portable Onsite eCup Washing, Drying  & Sanitising trailer facilities.

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