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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are eCup Reusable Cups Made
eCup Reusable Cups & Systems are Owned, Designed and Manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
What are eCup Reusable Cups made from?


Both Freddie (beer and cold beverages) and Mary Lou (wine/spirits/mixes) are made from High grade food quality Virgin Polypropylene (#5) plastic. Polypropylene is a polymer plastic that is a member of the 'polyolefin' (polymers produced from alkenes) family.

It is a highly versatile and rugged material that has many beneficial physical properties, and most importantly it is also recyclable. We chose these plastic types because of their durable qualities which make them perfect for reuse. 

Where are eCup products made?


All eCup products are 100% Made in Adelaide, South Australia and not imported. Freddie and Mary Lou, our flagship eCups, are made from Virgin Polypropylene (#5). Both are stackable as we designed them to assist in the space, storage area with the carbon footprint in mind.

eCup production partners have been developing and producing food and pharmaceutical grade packaging for over 30 years. Their state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technologies, including the benefits of In-Mould-Labelling processes, ensure that eCup products are always manufactured to the highest standards and quality.

Can the eCup Reusable Cups be recycled?


Yes! eCup products can be 100% recycled when they are no longer suitable for event reuse. eCup Circular Economy Profile aims to help prevent any eCup ending up in landfill. Even in a worst case scenario of ending up to be recycled, which is very very low %, it is embossed with the #5 plastics symbol easily recognised by any recycle company. When delivered via our profile to the associated eCup Leading Australian Plastics Recycle Company, that aims to provide solutions for plastic waste with effective sustainable products, eCup is turned into tangible products for Childcare Centres, Kindergarten's Schools and community projects. 

Is polypropylene plastic environmentally friendly?


Polyolefin materials (Polyethylene and Polypropylene) have an environmental impact, which is among the lowest of any material, synthetic or traditional. The product has good electrical properties, good chemical resistance to solvents, acids, alkalis, and good durability and resistance to environmental stress.

How long will eCup Reusable Cups and print last?


Compared to many materials, polypropylene's structure has a good tensile strength—somewhere around 4,800 psi. This allows the material to withstand fairly heavy loads, despite being lightweight and making eCup products strong, durable and very versatile within our profile.

This IML (In Mold Labelling) process has been formatted here in Adelaide to be strong, scratch-resistant and will last the life of the cup and will always look like the day it was produced. The unique bonding process during manufacture, in-mould labelling (IML), is a process by which the printed label, a thin film produced in the same material as the cup (Polypropylene. PP) is inserted into the mould immediately before the molten plastic is injected for the PP eCup production. The artwork is inside the eCup wall. The label heats in the process and becomes part of the finished cup as one fully-fused product rather than a separate substrate that requires application to a finished product.

 This also allows the cup to be washed and sanitised hundreds of times, without compromising the quality of the print. The one-step production and decoration method is more cost and time efficient than traditional labelling processes, and ensures the cup is fully recyclable at end-of-life without involving an additional process for removing the label.

How are eCup products washed?

eCup can simply be washed in dishwashers and commercial washers. Drying is essential so to reduce watermarks before reuse. This is where the Custom designed eCup washing/drying machines either at our warehouse/factory or with the portable event trailers come into play. Every eCup put through either of these systems is Washed Sanitised and Dried in one process before it is to be packed ready for the next event. You can even watch eCup washing procedures at the event from the view windows on the trailer side.

Yes! eCup is washable 100s of times anywhere, anytime!

How to order and how many eCup Reusable Cups do I need?

Every event is unique with different needs, logistics, number of attendees, location of event or venue, style of event, what system to use and time of year. Contact us and we will have one of our specialised managers work it through with and for you. 

What operational service does my event need and which one will work for me?

eCup Circular Profile options are fully adaptable to any event, large or small and we are here to help you develop a plan that suits your needs. Working with you is just the start as we will ensure that no stone is left unturned to help plan your event to be smarter, cleaner and more cost effective.  eCup is your event wholistic solution partner for sustainable drink ware.

Lead times?

This is the best thing about eCup Reusable Cups as they are 100% Made in Adelaide, Australia keeping product lead times minimal with a focus on reducing transport, Carbon footprint and personalised eCup management hands on quality control. 

Can I Purchase eCup Reusable Cups:

Yes. Allow min 2 weeks to arrange, complete and sign off on IML print label designs ready for either Freddie and/or Mary Lou eCup. Single colour to Full colour.  Allow min 2 weeks for manufacturing of Freddie and/or Mary Lou eCup (approx. 20,000 eCup per day).

Can I Rent eCup Reusable Cups:

Yes. eCup Reusable Cups & Systems holds large stock volumes of both Freddie & Mary Lou eCup Reusable Cups packed and stored in our Adelaide facilities ready for immediate hire. Delivery can occur within 2 days of order.

Minimum order quantities apply.

For large quantities a 1-2 week lead time may apply.


How are eCup Reusable Cups packaged? 

All rental eCup Reusable Cups come packed in strong boxes, washed, sanitised, quality checked and ready for your next event. 

Contact eCup Reusable Cups and Systems today for your personalised

no obligation enquiry!

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