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Our story

eCup Reusable Cups & Event Systems was founded in 2019 by innovator and ideas man, John Maule. An avid fan of music festivals and a regular spectator at national sporting events, John found himself more and more disheartened by the post-event mess of single-use plastic cups, drink bottles and plastic rubbish.


He set himself a goal to develop a reusable service ware solution to help reduce the carbon footprint, increase the environmental sustainability of the events industry, and assist the South Australian economy by boosting local manufacturing opportunities. The eCup concept was born. A locally-produced range of cost-effective, reusable drinking cups, that could also be fully recycled and made into secondary materials at end-of-life.  Cheers to helping the environment, and the economy.


The future of sustainable service ware.

Around 370 million single-use plastic cups and water bottles make their way to landfill each year in Australia alone. Catering for large-scale events presents one of the greatest challenges to tackling the problem of single-use plastic cups.


Our reusable plastic eCups are the solution to more sustainable event management and a reduction in our environmental impact. Our eCup supply options come with the multiple benefits of reusable service ware, but with minimal fuss. We offer a complete solution including design (generic or fully customised print), production, delivery, collection, wash and return or warehouse storage.


100% Australian made, owned and operated.

The eCup reusable cups and event systems are 100% Australian owned and operated, with all of our products proudly manufactured in South Australia. 

eCup production partners have been developing and producing food and pharmaceutical grade packaging for over 30 years. Their state-of-the-art facilities and innovative technologies, including the benefits of In-Mould-Labelling processes, ensure that eCup products are always manufactured to the highest standards and quality. 

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