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Our philosophy

Our mission is to reduce single-use plastic cups and service ware products within the marketplace, events and sporting stadiums.

Our vision is one of shared responsibility through the production and promotion of sustainable service ware, recycling initiatives, reduction of waste to landfill and circular economy processes. 


Single-use drink ware and service ware are a prevalent feature at the majority of medium to large-scale events. The environmental impacts of the resulting waste are significant; as are the costs associated with post-event cleaning, waste removal and disposal.

Seeking and supplying an environmentally-responsible solution at our events, such as reusable drink ware, comes with immediate benefits for event managers and attendees, as well as exponential benefits for our world and our future generations. 


eCup is a reusable (virgin polypropylene #5) plastic cold beverage cup specifically designed as a convenient, safe and smart alternative to single-use plastic drink ware.

The needs and wants of event managers and spectators are at the core of our event solutions; our services have been developed to assist in streamlining the use of reusable drink ware for all event stakeholders.


Our eCup products can be commercially washed 100s of times without compromising the integrity of the print or cup. As part of our solution we also offer a wash and return service.

This can be performed onsite at events with our custom-designed portable washing stations, or offsite at our warehouse facilities. 

  • Convenient event solutions

  • Ecologically sustainable

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Circular economy profile

  • Reusable, collectable or recyclable 

  • Quality controlled to the highest grade

  • Fully customisable print

  • Event-adaptable digital marketing opportunities

  • Available to hire or buy

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