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'Mary Lou' 375ml eCup Reusable Cup is the perfect sustainable reusable cup solution for all your event needs.


Made from strong, durable, reusable #5 polypropylene & is washable 100's of times .


It also features Reverse In Mold Label display that allows you to personalise your eCup Reusable Cup with messages or logos along with the unique eCup QR Coded Platform.


'Mary Lou' 375ml eCup Reusable Cups are an ideal choice for events looking for an eco-friendly, sustainable, strong and stylish user friendly reusable cup.


100% recyclable at the end of its life.


PRICING & QUOTES are NOT listed.


Contact us for your personal event quote.


Buy or Hire options available.


Closed Loop Circular Economy Event Operations.

Mary Lou 375ml Reusable Cup

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